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Document Management Systems


dokMistrz document management system is designed for handling the office, secretariats and all workstations involved in document creation and processing especially in small and medium enterprises or government bureaus. Document management includes creation, registration, classification, storage, retrieval, searching and transmission of various correspondence between workstations. The full history of that process is saved - the circulation route and operations performed, as well as annotations of reading by the person to whom the document was addressed.

dokMistrz document management system is offered by Institute of Mathematical Machines on a commercial basis. There is also a possibility of collaboration on various projects, including but not limited to European Union projects. Providing the dokMistrz system can be carried out in the following modes:

installation of the core version - both standalone and network-enabled versions;
• installation of the RWA version adjusted to handle the inner RWA of the company - this edition contains tools for document classification according to applicable registry instruction;
installation of the Arch version with the archiving module to backup older documents.

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