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Biometry and Security Systems


The Department of Identification Systems and Laser Devices for many years has carried out research and development in the field of security and access control systems.As a result of the research we’ve developed the XChronos - system for access control and time & attendance – along with a variety of terminals for the identification / verification of users. We offer a wide range proximity terminals IMMProx and in response to the global development of biometric recognition technologies – a series of biometric terminals. IMM is the forerunner in the development and implementation of various biometric devices and systems including biometric fingerprint terminal IMMPro and IMMSkan series, palm vein recognition terminal IMMVein and finger vein terminals – IMMFVein and VeinGuard.

Automation of banking operations, the development of e-government and e-services have made it that more and more attention is given to authenticate the transaction and unambiguous identification of the person who carried out the transaction. All these areas require a simple, secure and often remote user authentication scheme. Biometric terminals that allow the exclusion of the use of cards, codes and passwords are convenient and most effective solution for this purpose. Therefore, research and project work in the field of software and hardware for automatic biometric identity verification, designed to create a platform for biometric authentication, has now become one of the main directions of activities of the Department of Identification Systems and Laser Devices.

IMM collaborates with leading biometrics companies in the world, is also the organizer of the cyclic Scientific Conference BIOMETRICS, which is recognized as a place for exchange of scientific ideas and experience of national research centers, institutions and companies interested in the subject.

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