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Electronic Signature


IMM Laboratory of Electronic Signature conducts research, development of electronic signature technologies. ESL also organizes interoperability tests of electronic signature – CommonSign.  Laboratory leads a regulatory and legislative actions in the field of electronic signature.

ESL provides access to software and devices related to electronic signature technology. There is a possibility to get familiar with available on market sets to create and verify electronic signature.

Areas of activity:
• Research and development of electronic signature technology
• Tests of available on market solutions and devices
• Tests of electronic signature interoperability
• Trainings on electronic signature technology
• R&D on biometric signature
• Evaluation of hardware parameters
• R&D on a voluntary accreditation center for qualified certificates providers (QCSP)
• Supports legislative work on electronic signature
• R&D of new forms of electronic signature
• Support for interoperability and standardization solutions (participating in KT 172 PKN)
• Participation in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)


Institute of Mathematical Machines
Laboratory of Electronic Signature
02-078 Warsaw, st. Ludwika Krzywickiego 34
tel. +48 22 621 84 41 ext. 229




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