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Mobile Mapping System


The Institute of Mathematical Machines uses a 3D mobile mapping system (mobile robot equipped with a 3D laser measurement system and a mobile NVIDIA GRID/Citrix system) in the implementation of the following research projects:

Testing a mobile system for supporting spatial design (No.: LIDER/036/659/L-4/12/NCBR/2013)
FP7 ICARUS ”Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search operations”

The first project deals with assisting spatial design, whereby a mobile mapping system provides accurate 3D metric maps. They are then used to support designers in creating or modifying models of the environment. The second project deals with 3D mapping in SAR applications. Work on the development of the 3D mapping system was inspired by the Fukushima Nuclear Plant accident in 2011. Such systems will help make rescue efforts more efficient without risking the lives or health of the rescuers. State-of-the-art technologies used to develop accurate 3D maps will help improve the methods designed to avert catastrophes.


Mobile mapping system

The mobile mapping system is made up of the mobile Husky robot equipped with the 3D Z+F Imager 5010 laser measurement system and a mobile NVIDIA GRID/Citrix system. The NVIDIA GRID system is composed of a Supermicro RZ-1240i-NVK2 server with Citrix software offering the virtualisation of graphic processes. The start-up of the whole system typically takes 15 minutes, after which the operator is able to make 20-30 remote scans in various locations. The operator controls the robot using a laptop connected to the robot by Wi-Fi. The software for registering points clouds is installed on the server and available in the SaaS form (Software as a Service). This solution makes the software accessible to several users working on any mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet). The software capable of visualising the output points cloud was developed in cooperation with Intertrading Systems Technology. The application of NVIDIA GRID and Citrix technologies allows simultaneous smooth streaming of rendering to several devices and launching software using parallel computations (NVIDIA CUDA). The system can record the data within a very short time, which certainly speeds up work in SAR applications.


Map 3D: Institute of Mathematical Machines


Mapa 3D: Kłomino village

Mapa 3D: underground garage


Mapa 3D: inside of the building

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